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Wonosobo – Jogjakarta – Jakarta – Padang – Banda Aceh

Cities above are list of cities that I spent a relative long time to live
  1. WonosoboHere in the city, in avillage of about 13 km north side of the city I was born years ago. It is very simple house, made of wood, and has a tiny garden in front of it. A lot of flower can be seen there since my mother love flower very much. I can be seen also there a huge tea plantation, all green colored, guarded with three high mountains, one ot the east side named Sundoro Mountain, one at north side named Stlerep Mountain, and the last at the west side called Dieng Mountain. I spent my 17 years here, since I was born until I graduate from my Senior high School. My Elementary located in my village so I can go there just by on foot. As I graduated from my elementary, I went to Junior high school in the center of the city. It is located about 13 kms from my house,It need 30 minutes by bus so I needs to take a bus firts in the early morning to go to my school. My senior high school is located not far from my junior high school, so the rutinity of taking bus in the morning continues for 6 years.
  2. Jogjakarta
  3. jakarta
  4. PAdang
  5. Banda aceh
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